Upcoming Tuesday Luncheons

11/14/17 Steve Dubnik, President & CEO of The Strong
"The Strong Neighborhood of Play"
Midvale Country Club

11/21/17 No Tuesday Luncheon
Join us at GobbleFest Monday, November 20th at the Rotary Office from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Food-Fun-Friendship before the holidays kick off!

11/28/17 Curt Long, President and CEO of Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
Floreano Riverside Convention Center

12/5/17 No Tuesday Luncheon due to the Eastern Cities Fellowship Dinner taking place on Wednesday, December 6th

Rochester Rotary Events

Parent-teacher conferences are one of the best ways that a school, a student, and a student's family can come together to evaluate the student's progress, set future goals for the student to attain, and build better communications and relationships with the student's family.

The traditional parent-teacher conference has changed at Roberto Clemente School 8: each student will attend and lead his/her own conference twice during the school year. Students will take ownership of their learning, reflect upon their progress, explain areas of strength and weakness, and perhaps most importantly, set goals for both academic and personal development.

In this student led conference, the student puts in a tremendous amount of individual preparation. Unfortunately, not all parents are able to attend their child's conference and listen to how he/ she is doing, and how they plan to do better. That's where Rochester Rotary comes in: School 8 faculty and administration feel that this is such an important endeavor, that when a parent is unable to attend, they are asking a Rotarian to sit in on the conference. Our job is primarily to listen, ask relevant questions, and help the student set practical goals for academic and character improvement.

Conferences will be held on the following dates:


November 6th

November 7th

November 8th

November 9th

November 13th

November 14th

November 15th

November 16th

November 17th

Are you available any day for any amount of time between 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. or 12:30-3:00 p.m. to listen? Is so, please contact Myrna in the Rotary Office at 546-7435 x 201 or to schedule your time.

Fellow Rochester Rotarian Paul Guglielmo and creator/founder of Guglielmo Sauce will be teaching a class for us at the New York Wine and Culinary Center on Thursday, November 30th at 6:00 p.m. We will split into teams cooking sauce, meatballs, pasta and dessert - the cost is $65/person and space is limited so sign up today!

Each year in January, District Governors-Elect from all over the world converge in San Diego for the International Assembly. To provide an opportunity for these DGEs to experience life in Upstate New York prior to their training, for the past 45 years, District 7120 and Brighton Rotary Club have invited and home-hosted over 520 DGEs and their spouses from 43 countries.

We are currently signing up hosts for the 2018 session. Please give this opportunity your consideration. For more details, see the web-page here where you can see more of what to expect in newsletters from past sessions, and near the bottom of the page, download documents which help you understand expectation of hosts, and activity suggestions for your guests.

Hosting dates are January 5-9, 2018 (first term) and January 9-13, 2018 (2nd term), Rochester Rotarians typically host during the second term.

If you feel this will fit with your schedule, we would be happy to have you register at our registration page here. The personal information requested is shared only with the committee for purposes of selecting the most compatible guest to enjoy your hospitality.


If you have questions, please contact Doug Cook at 671-4675 or e-mail at

November 2- Ron Bittner
November 2- Tom Mitchell
November 3- Ryan Burke
November 4- Fran Antonelli
November 5- Don Cameron
November 7- David Flaum
November 8- Peter Glennon
November 9- Don Jeffries
November 9- Donna Dedee
November 9- Stephen Hoitt
November 10- Erich Postler
November 15- Nate Snyder
November 17- Sal DeBiase
November 19- Carl Krause
November 19- Jim Barger
November 19- Rosa LaDelfa
November 22- Marie Campbell
November 22- James Sheppard
November 22- Tim Cook
November 24- Dave Hartney
November 25- Jim Murrer
November 25- Jason Valenti
November 27- Toby Biedenkopf
November 28- Allie Sacks
November 28- Barbara Pierce

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