Upcoming Tuesday Luncheons

5/1/18 Evan Lowenstein, Assistant Supervisor at the Rochester Public Market
"City of Rochester Public Market: Commerce, Culture and Community"
Floreano Riverside Convention Center

5/8/18 18th Annual Law Day Luncheon in Honor or RPD & Henry H. Jensen Memorial Award presentation to RPD Officer James LaRuez                                   Reservations are required as this is a sit down luncheon.
Floreano Riverside Convention Center

5/15/18 Video Game Panel Discussion
Floreano Riverside Convention Center

5/22/18 Opioid Crisis Panel Discussion
"The Opioid Crisis in Monroe County"
Locust Hill Country Club

Rochester Rotary Events

May 7- Robert Baxter

May 7- Marlene Bessette

May 8- Sally Stookey

May 15- Don Alhart

May 18- Linda Bradley

May 18- Bob Whipple

May 18- Julie St. Germaine

May 19- Brad Champlin

May 19- Dawn Borgeest

May 19- Connie Mitchell

May 20- Joe Wilson

May 21- Steve Rebholz

May 22- Joan Feinbloom

May 22- Bill Taber

May 22- Dan Dey

May 26- Ann Hallick

May 28- Doug Cook

May 31- Bruce Bates


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