What is the Rochester Rotary Holiday Gala Pops?

The Rochester Rotary night at the RPO Holiday Gala Pops is an annual tradition coming up on its 20th year! We rent out the theater for the opening evening of the Holiday Pops concert and members purchase and sell tickets to the show.

The annual event is one of our biggest fundraising events for the Sunshine Campus and Roberto Clemente School #8. It's the one event every member of Rochester Rotary is expected to participate in weather it is sponsorship, purchasing tickets or making a donation.

Every October a mass mailing is done to the entire membership letting them know the event information and giving details of how to participate.

If you have any questions about this or any Rochester Rotary event please contact Heather Rossi, Event Director, 585-546-7435 x204 or

2016 RPO Holiday Gala Pops

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Rochester, NY 14625
Phone: 585-546-7435
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