Volunteers Needed

Parent-teacher conferences are one of the best ways that a school, a student, and a student's family can come together to evaluate the student's progress, set future goals for the student to attain, and build better communications and relationships with the student's family.

This year, the traditional parent-teacher conference will change at Roberto Clemente School 8: each student will attend and lead his/her own conference twice during the school year. Students will take ownership of their learning, reflect upon their progress, explain areas of strength and weakness, and perhaps most importantly, set goals for both academic and personal development.

In this student led conference, the student puts in a tremendous amount of individual preparation. Unfortunately, not all parents are able to attend their child's conference and listen to how he/ she is doing, and how they plan to do better. That's where Rochester Rotary comes in: School 8 faculty and administration feel that this is such an important endeavor, that when a parent is unable to attend, they are asking a Rotarian to sit in on the conference. Our job is primarily to listen, ask relevant questions, and help the student set practical goals for academic and character improvement.

Conferences will be held on the following dates:

May 22nd - 8th Grade
May 23rd - 7th Grade
May 24th - 6th Grade
May 25th - 5th Grade
May 26th - 4th Grade
May 30th - 3rd Grade
May 31st - 2nd Grade
June 1st - 1st Grade
June 2nd - Kindergarten

There will be two sessions each day: morning 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and afternoons 12:30-3:00 p.m. Can you be available for any day for any amount of time to listen? Is so, please contact Myrna in the Rotary Office at 546-7435 x 201 or to schedule your time.

Roberto Clemente School #8

Believe. Achieve. Succeed.

Roberto Clemente School #8 has been Rochester Rotary's adopted School since 1994. The combined efforts of the faculty and staff of Roberto Clemente School #8 and volunteers from the Rochester Rotary Club make up a unique partnership that is determined to improve the future of our community’s young people.

If you are interested in getting more involved in School #8 please contact the Rotary Office at (585)546-7435.

Wish List

- Pencils
- Glue sticks
- Dry erase markers
- Tissues
- Folders
- Notebooks
- Ziploc bags
- Binders
- Hats/mittens (recess outside)
- Cardstock
- Loose leaf paper
- Chunky erasers
- Crayons
- Colored pencils
- Markers
- Post-its
- File folders
- Sharpies
- Composition books
- Scissors
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